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A mother is born...

Childless By Choice

Even the most confident, educated, informed, and self-assured woman can feel uncomfortable asserting she is childless by choice. Unpack your feelings and fears in this open-ended 4-week dive into the Great Baby Debate.

Birth Doula Support

Inhale strength. Exhale fear.

The most radical decision you can make for yourself and your baby is to be empowered and confident in your birthing options and rights as a birthing woman.

*In-person + virtual birth doula support available

Pregnancy Planning

If you live your life against the grain, sometimes falling into step with society can be hard. Alternative lifestyle meets planning for baby in this 1:1 journey into all the facets we wish we'd known about the transition.


Your body and your baby know what to do. Feel strong and prepared for which ever birth story your baby needs by tapping into your most primal power and intuitive ability to birth gently, naturally, and without fear.

The (in)Fertility Journey

From in-person touch therapy and womb/fertility massage to virtual trauma-clearing and infertility support, the road to baby may be long and arduous - but you aren't on it alone. 


*in-person fertility massage available in Ontario + worldwide

Birth Trauma Release

Powerful, holistic healing from complex birth trauma experience. When a baby is born, so too is a mother - and the difficulties of transition between worlds are often overlooked (or chalked up to 'baby blues'). Women deserve - and must demand - postpartum support in claiming their new role. The difference starts NOW.


Do you have a baby on the way? Let's connect and make sure you're prepared.

Thanks, Mama! I'll be in touch soon.
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