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Shadow Self + Financial Health {3 month immersion}

  • 12Weeks


It's time, my love. To peel away the complex layers of your neurochemistry and intrinsic motivation as it related to money. To detangle yourself from the complex web of guilt, fear, blame, and shame you've carried about money for far too long. It's time to do a deep dive into your earliest life experiences, and even further into your inherited trauma, to understand that the reason you feel powerless when it comes to money is because it's likely not your financial grief in the first place. >> This 3-month 1:1 immersion toward financial wellness isn't about quick tricks and a prescribed plan for overnight abundance. This isn't about a secret stash of rocket-science secrets and visualization techniques and money mantras taped to your bathroom mirror. It's not about earning more, spending less, learning to love to save - blah.blah.blah. - I'm not a self-professed money guru; i don't want to be. I am a trauma-informed, gentle, nourishing expert at holding space. I can not "heal" you, but I will honour you and hold you as we walk the path toward a space in which you heal yourself. When we jointly discover the deeply profound 'why's' behind the emotions you carry toward money, the limiting beliefs you may not even realize you have, only then can we incorporate · trauma release techniques · somatic therapy · hypnosis · reflective writing -to set yourself free of the money mindset that's shaped you, and shackled you, your entire life. It's time to heal.

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