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Feb 7, 2024 - Mar 27, 2024

Lilith :: an 8-week Yoni Reclamation path

  • 50Days
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Welcome, Goddess... 🌙 I am so incredibly proud of you for finally choosing to acknowledge that you deserve to HEAL. ❤️‍🩹 It's time for you, Goddess, to acknowledge your sexual shadows. To speak your full, authentic, unabashed sexual truth. You deserve to let the darkness inside of you become fuel for your radical re-awakening instead of constantly feeding your pain with grief, shame, and fear. 🖤 Welcome to a powerful journey into the depth of your own Dark Feminine - the empowered one that's unafraid to be seen by the world! The one that's resided in you for lifetimes but you've ignored until now. 🐺🔥 It's time for you, Goddess, to reacquaint yourself with your inner Wild - the power that courses through your veins but you've hidden away for fear of being 'too'.... 'too much', 'too seen', 'too big', 'too free'. It's time to be, exactly as 'too' as you are. It's time to step into a version of yourself unafraid to stand up, show up, and speak up without fear! Goddess, ⚡You deserve desire ⚡ You deserve to want, and need ⚡ You deserve wild expression without faltering in your voice ⚡ You deserve pleasure and a deep listening to your body's wisdom ⚡ You deserve to feel liberated - to say yes to what you crave and no to everything that doesn't serve your highest good ⚡ You deserve to finally commit to yourself. And by joining this circle, you're taking the first bold, courageous step But be prepared, Goddess.... This path is not light-hearted or fluffy, glitter-led or cupcake-scented. This journey is DESCENT. It serves to rewrite your past, to illuminate your shame, to examine the guilt you've carried, the self-doubt, the disgust in your body and the rage you feel. We're walking heart-first into your lifelong feelings of not-enoughness, the disconnect you've experienced from yourself and your body, from your authentic Truth. Are you ready to trust - yourself and our healing space? Are you ready to turn your pain into power? 💥 Goddess, I invite you. 🤲

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Lilith :: a Yoni Reclamation path


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