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"Like the delicate and mesmerizing sparkle of the moon."
"The reflection of sunlight on dragonfly or beetle wings."
"The bluish-hued sparkle of freshly fallen snow."
"Fireflies after sunset in the Summer."
"The spray of a hottub on icy cold skin."
"Like sitting high up at night and watching the dewy glow of bright city lights"
"Watching raindrops through sunrays during a sun shower, mid-day."


A person full of life and movement is often described as having an 'effervescent' personality. Excitement, liveliness. Someone with an effervescent personality is lively, sparkling and high-spirited. Joy, enthusiasm, jubilance. We all know people who are 'bubbling with enthusiasm'.


For as long as I've known, effervescence has been my favourite word in the English language, evoking this dynamic, sprightly feeling of brightness, lightness, sparkle, ease. Along my own path, this was the word I chose for how I want my days to feel. I'm not in pursuit of a lack of struggle - I know that's where my strength comes from - but I do want my days to flutter and dance on the afternoon sun, glistening like fallen snow on tiny twigs, to sparkle like the reflection of moon rays dancing on waves kissing tropical sand. 


- don't you?

Screen Shot 2021-08-08 at 6.08.51 AM.png

Knowing Aia helped me to know myself. Her journey inspired my own. Her vulnerability, her willingness, her power, her grace, her embodiment, her passion were all guideposts, signs of what is possible.


Knowing her is to know freedom and truth and bravery personified.

- Emily F., USA


"Much like our life-wins don't happen in a vacuum, our struggles aren't isolated from one another either. With deep understanding of, and reverence for, the interconnectedness of who we are and the myriad of life-stuff we deal with at any given moment, our work together is just as collaborative, cumulative, multi-faceted, and holistic. We don't work together just on your relationship or begin a journey together only about your body. Our mind, body, spirit, connections, earliest beliefs, self-doubts, hopes, fears, and dreams alike are all at constant interplay with one another. This process, this path we step upon together, is about unweaving, detangling, teasing apart the triggers and searching for the root cause - the most primal belief or experience. This is the foundation.

The base. This is where the shadow can be dispelled and the light can

begin to shine through the cracks."

It's Time For Change.._edited.png
  • Fulfillment + alignment baseline

  • Inner child (re)connection

  • Trauma bonds + wound work

  • Family constellation analysis

  • Cognitive-behavioural reflection 

  • Mindfulness tools

  • Meditation + guided visualization

  • Goal-oriented hypnosis scripts

  • Open-ended writing/reflection

  • Intuitive affirmation

  • Cognitive reappraisal

  • Community + connection strategies

  • Psyilocybin-assisted therapy



Shadow work is extremely powerful - regardless of the modality by which it's delivered. We can make tremendous strides in healing your grief, shame, fear, jealousy, anger and crippling rejection sensitivity by working online together, from any corner of the globe. 

Some examples include: 

  • Life, in general, feeling lacklustre

  • Thoughts of starting your own business

  • Overcoming infidelity in a relationship

  • Committing to a fitness/nutrition routine

  • Collaborative reflection on a specific life decision




Evervescent - Working Together

in person

The bigger commitment to a deeper dive starts here. In-person sessions are powerful and intensive, 6-10+ hours long, beginning to peel back deeper layers, the core essence behind the cumulative life events that integrate with one another to create the cyclical nature of your struggles.


In Person Sessions include:

  • 2-3 hours of shadow work

  • 3-5 hours of body work

  • Ritual

  • Integration

  • Food and drinks provided throughout

  • Psilocybin-assisted therapy session highly recommended




And here, my love, is where you transform to your core. This powerful 1:1 learning journey together is both a deep-dive into what's brought you here as well as a dynamic + activating roadmap of where you're headed with the new skills you'll learn. The goal is for you to feel levity and inspiration, to assemble your tools and begin aligning with your most authentic self in offering the power of this medicine to others.  

1:1 Apprenticeship is available for

  • Womb Massage Therapy, level I

  • Shadow Work, level I (healing your own shadows)

  • Shadow Therapy, level II (shadow work with others)

  • Trauma Training, levels I + II

  • Yoni Reclamation Therapy™





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