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We've all been hurt. We all carry trauma and grief in our hearts, heads, and cells - whether it's our own or passed down to us in the tapestries of which we're woven. Some of us are more intricately woven into our hurt than others, which means that some of us feel the weight of what's holding us down in bigger ways. Some of us step back and observe our tides of hurt from the shore, while others currently find themselves swept away into the anguish; flailing and losing strength just trying to stay above water.


Wherever you are upon your own healing path, I will meet you there.


The Shadows

Collaborative shadow work is our joint creation of a safe space within which you can arrive whole and unchecked - with your innermost layers of fear, blame, guilt and shame - often tracing back to your earliest years. In this space, we examine what was only with the intention of re-writing what will be...


Limiting Beliefs

Whether we realize it or not, our internal self-talk is most often not actually ours at all. The way we were spoken to in our childhood years is usually the culprit for our own inner, self-defeating monologue. It is only in shedding light upon these early scripts that we can begin to unravel the beliefs holding us back from achieving what we most wildly dream of today.



Deeply rooted insecurity and the resulting lack of confidence in our actions is arguably the most powerful and debilitating force in our lives. Changing the way you speak to yourself, the lens through which you see your potential, is the beginning of every change you seek to make.


Rejection Sensitivity

Unreasonably high expectations of self, feeling that the world (and everyone in it) places unreasonably high demands on you, escapism, fear of failure, avoiding others and low self-esteem are key factors in the shadow work that demand to be nurtured and examined before transformative healing can begin. 

Fitness Ladies


Relaxing Outdoor


Digital Work


Couple in Love


Light and Shadow

Are you finally ready to step o̶u̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ into your shadows? To feel the life-changing injection of confidence and clarity coursing through your veins? The re-written belief, once and for all, that you are able, capable, and allowed to live how you crave?

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