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"We don't simply decide to hate our body; we're taught to."

My Love.  There is an undisputed, scientific link between our physical health and our mental, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. 

Where there is friction between mind and body (i.e. obesity, chronic pain, persistent disease), there is tightness. Where there is tightness, there is a lack of space and movement. Where there is lack of movement there is lack of bloodflow. Where there is lack of bloodflow there is lack of oxygen and nutrients. Chronically hypoxic conditions in our body are the breeding ground for disease. - and the cycle continues.  


I want you to think back to when your biggest physical concerns first arose... what was happening for you emotionally at that time? Some of us believe that poor health, stubborn excess weight, and physical ailments are 'luck of the draw'. But this healing approach, the one we'll take together, is rooted in the entanglement of our emotions with our physical state. When we gently tease one apart, the other detangles as well. 

Whether you prefer 1:1 talk or touch healing, online group classes, or virtual passive learning programs, I have designed these feeling-focused alchemical approaches to address our most common ailments:

Reproductive Health:

  • painful or irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation

  • recurring bladder or yeast infections

  • pre-menopause or menopause symptoms

  • fertility issues

  • miscarriages / difficult pregnancies

  • pre-menstrual anxiety/depression

  • ovarian cysts

  • fibroids

  • migraines

Gastrointestinal Health:

  • obesity / stubborn weight

  • frequent constipation / diarrhea

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • gastrointestinal distress: bloating, stomach cramps

Emotional Wellbeing:

  • early life trauma

  • break in the bond from mother or father

  • sexual trauma

  • birth trauma

  • miscarriages or stillbirths

  • chronic stress

  • repressed emotion

  • rejection sensitivity disorder

  • difficulty bonding with children


My belly was covered in bruises. Dark browns, purples and blue-greys flecked across my white skin. They were deep. I had been on a pre-diabetic weight loss injection for over 3 months and it hadn’t worked. Instead of the proposed 15lbs of fat per month I was told I would lose… nada. zip. zilch. In fact, I gained 3lbs., and spent thousands of dollars. I wondered what was wrong with me. Why I couldn’t do what everyone else seemed to. It’s when I finally surrendered to this deep work with Aia. I knew my weight wasn’t physical. I love the gym. I love moving my body actively walking and hiking. I ate right but had an issue with binging when stress arrived. I numbed out. And I had a lot of stress. So I flew to Aia, on a spiritual body quest of sorts. Her process did something the injections, the diets, the therapy and nutritionists, the naturopaths couldn’t access… the deep body work of healing me mind, body and soul.

Crystal T., Canada

Are you ready to reclaim your body?

Give yourself permission to forgive the imperfect state of your physical self and step into (re)alignment and (re)claiming the health + wellness you deserve.

Let's chat more:

Looking forward to connecting soon!
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