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You deserve to heal your

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Join this 12-week 1:1 obesity healing path and rediscover your full-bodied feminine confidence, sensuality, & superpowers!

A nurturing, trauma-informed,
1:1 re-embodiment mentorship

Over 90% of overweight individuals report feeling emotional grief, helplessness, and loss of control in facets of their life unrelated to their weight. Detangling the complex web of health, wellness, and excess weight is the beginning of setting yourself free from feeling imprisoned in your skin - but detangling begins in holding space for your heavy heart. 


An emotions-focused body transformation program

Weight you can't lose is a guidepost, a symptom, a plea from your body to consider its wellness outside of just the "calories-in-calories-out" narrative you've been taught by narrow-minded nutritionists and ab-obsessed personal trainers. Together, we're setting aside your activity level and cravings (for now) - and beginning with the space that needs healing most: your heart.

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My Love, let's start...

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