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rooted in healing

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A science-backed combination of strategy-meets-sacred,

supporting spirit-led offers and the soulpreneurs behind them.


Not-your-typical business course with (definitely!) not-your-typical business coach. 

It was that day, on an unexpected (ultra high-pressure sales) call with a "high-ticket business coach", that I found myself so triggered by her approach I knew immediately the entire thing was misaligned with who I am.

Yes, I'm super passionate about business.

Yes, I firmly believe in the freedom that comes from making your own schedule and being your own boss. 

But no, I won't charge you a CAR to work with me.

Yes, passion makes profit, but not at the cost of your soul.

You only need to join one of those sales calls to know what I mean: the guilt, the shame, the blame. It's gross. 'Manipulating Light' is a 1:1 business mastery intensive rooted in heart-led healing + business basics.

In this space, we're authentic, vulnerable, and real. In this space, you grow, you learn.... you heal

Join me, My Love. Let's change EVERYTHING!

In this 9-week, 1:1 intensive
we will cover -


- you're expecting me to have flawless makeup, styled hair, designer backgrounds

- you are hoping for flawless, scripted, and rehearsed material

- you're looking to boast "6+-figure months!" on your social media.

- you're only starting a business to leave a job you hate.

- you have no massive transformative purpose behind your idea

- you  intrinsically disagree with focusing on happiness, inner peace, health, and kindness rather than rich, success, wealth, and 'cred'

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