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Tropical Leaves

You're Not Trapped.

It's not the mountain that needs conquering, it's just your own self.

Just because nobody taught us to be free doesn't mean that we're not. The world's become a precarious place these days and all we truly have to hold on to is our day-to-day moments and each other. Whether you currently work from home and are nervous about living in a foreign country, or you're sick and tired of your 9-5 and dream of building something you love - we've been doing it for nearly a decade and we're here to help!




Topics we'll cover:

  • Financial Realities of Full-time Travel

  • Navigating the pandemic landscape

  • Budgeting + Travel Hacks

  • Citizenships + Travel Allowances, Visas

  • Accommodations + Lodging Alternatives

  • Digital Nomad Hotspots and Why

  • Solo, Coupled, + Family Travel

  • Safety/Security: Myths and Tips

  • Remote Work vs. Solopreneur Initiatives

  • Getting + Staying Connected en route



Wednesday October 27

1st Webinar @ 12:30 pm EST

2nd Webinar @ 8:30 pm EST

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