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The Science-Meets-Sacred of Crystals

Can crystals really heal me?

My womb massage instructor referred to it as her "witch-switch" - effectively calibrating her amount of "woo-woo", "airy-fairy" spiritual'ness to that of her client at any given session. At the time, the witch-switch made sense to me - largely because it was a time when I deeply didn't believe in most of the "woo" of which she spoke.

In my world until now, crystals were pretty but certainly not medicine. Sounds were soothing but assuredly couldn't heal a liver. Despite all my science training, I really had no idea why acupuncture "worked". That was then.

And looking back, despite my deeply neuroscientific identity, I'm beginning to realize contemporary science and modern-day medicine (stacked upon basically all of academe) - they are shockingly arrogant worlds. What they say, goes. What they can "prove" is truth, what can be replicated is deemed law, and if they can't find an explanation for something - *innocent shrug* (and proceeds to scrub the data of any/all outliers that fail to support the educated guess).

Today, after two years of living and practicing on the Mayan coast in Mexico - I'd be an absolute failure of a scientist if I refused to admit that there's undeniably something more to what's happening around me (and inside of me) than what I was taught in school.

Science meets sacred.

Clare, my womb massage instructor takes the sacred for the same kind of granted as she does the colour of her clothes. To her, it's black/white, 0-1, binary. To her, the sacred is clear as day, obvious, she feels it - and that's enough for her to know it to be true. Unfortunately, that's not how I broached the subject. I needed proof. Truth be told, though, after years of deprogramming my own shadows and un-layering my own wounds, I've learned to feel as well - and between the two of us - her sacred trust and my science-mind, we're finally developing a solid groundwork for the 3D roots of why the 5D plays such an integral role in our work. According to Wikipedia, "There is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence that crystal healing has any effect; it is considered a pseudoscience. Alleged successes of crystal healing can be attributed to the placebo effect." But there are peer-reviewed, scientific articles that report sometimes over 50% beneficial outcome attributed to placebo....that is, the patient's belief in that treatment - perhaps activating some kind of internal healing mechanism in the body? Isn't any beneficial outcome of significant magnitude (in science, significance can be denoted by as little as 5%) worth examining?

Crystals, gemstones, semi-precious stones... what's the difference? and why are they such a big part of your advanced transformational healing journey? From the earliest moments of recorded civilization, humanity (and even some animals!) have been fascinated by brilliant, shiny, colourful natural objects including stones, crystals, and shells. They were considered gifts from Mother Earth and to possess them was to distinguish the bearer from others. Gems were valuable, therefore they were believed to bring peace, prosperity and happiness by way of their brilliance, beauty, and rarity.

Here are some basic facts to satisfy the most science-based minds:

Crystal: a word deriving from Ancient Greek κρύσταλλος (krustallos), meaning "ice, rock crystal, icy cold, frost".

- crystals are a solid material whose ions, atoms, molecules are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic, 3D arrangement

- diamonds are as much crystals as snowflakes and table salt

- crystals material compounds found in bedrock, made of minerals (by comparison, rocks are also made of minerals but arranged in a much less uniform structure)

What is the difference between a Crystal and a Gemstone?

Crystals are materials whose elements are arranged in a geometric pattern.

Gemstones are crystals made up of only rare, precious or semi-precious minerals or organic bases (in the case of amber, opal). Not all crystals are gemstones.

Most, but not all gemstones are crystals (specifically amber- tree resin- and opal- silica).

Gemstone: a stone or mineral that has been cut and polished - usually for high-value adornment or decor

Crystals have played a central role in ancient ceremonies, healing practices, and rituals. Is it possible that prehistoric cultures knew something about these stones that modern science has refused to acknowledge?

The Science of Crystals Frequency

It's irrefutable fact that matter is mostly (that is, 99.999999999999%) empty space. Everything on the planet is made up of primary particles believed to be neither fully matter nor energy - simply "a moving point". If a point is moving, it's moving at a certain rate - this is a vibrational frequency. Faster moving is considered higher frequency, slower moving is considered more dense, lower frequency.

When it comes to humans, people with higher vibrations emanate powerful feelings of kindness, love, peace, and compassion toward others, whereas people with lower vibrations experience more dark, dense, difficult emotions including jealousy, anxiety, bitterness, resentment, anger, and/or fear.

It doesn't matter how scientific you consider yourself to be, you'd be hard-pressed to disagree with the fact that you can feel certain people differently when they come into a room - the ones who light it up versus the ones who make things awkward, heavy, and uncomfortable.

Being perceptive of frequency, of energy, would have historically been a life-saving skill - and the human body is significantly more attune to perception than Aristotle's basic 5-sense summary. Ancient Egyptians recorded humans having over 360 senses, some of which modern theory does observe: somatic (pressure, heat, pain), interoceptive (balance, hunger, thirst), proprioceptive (coordination of the body in space). Disconnection between our mind and body (through trauma, illness, injury) can lead to a lack of conscious/cognitive perception of sensation, but it doesn't mean the body doesn't sense what it's experiencing in the world.

It seems highly possible, then, that our body's tissues are sensitive enough to respond to the vibrational frequency of people / places / things without our cognitive awareness. Here's where the magic of crystals comes into play:

The human vibration is very unstable and highly susceptible to changes are we become exposed to external factors: people, technology, news, stressors, weather, memories from our own life. The more dense, heavy factors circulate throughout our days, the lower our overall internal frequency becomes - all of our organs and organ systems vibrate at a more dense and heavy frequency, causing our emotions to do the same. This in turn impacts our communication and interaction with the world that eventually leads to spilling of density and heaviness back out onto the world around us in a vicious, toxic cycle. But then there are natural elements, such as crystals, that have a constant stable energy frequency. Remember, crystals are a fixed, regularly-repeating perfect geometric pattern of molecules - they are literally ENERGY/FROZEN. They maintain their perfect stability with no effort, making them the exact opposite of our volatile, constantly-changing, unstable human nature. More stability gives more energy. The more stable a crystal, the more powerful its energy - and the more powerful its energy the bigger its impact on energies around it. Directly from the journal pages of the American Institute of Physics, "The vibrational motion of an atom in a crystal propagates to neighboring atoms, which leads to wavelike propagation of the vibrations throughout the crystal." - much like every other energetic force around us, the frequency of crystals are absorbed by our body when its vibration impacts the vibration of atoms in our tissues. It's why humans have been wearing crystals since the dawn of time - and now the wealthiest use these power items to denote their own esteemed value. Crystals stabilize unstable human energy.

Crystals vs. Chakras

Just like every human has a different energetic frequency, crystals are the same. Size, composition, and colour of crystals impact their vibrational rate. What does colour have to do with anything? Colours perceived by the human eye are based on light frequencies: red is a lower frequency than purple.

This isn't far off from Ancient Indian Chakra medicine where the lowest chakra - the root chakra - is shown in red, at the base of the spine in the pelvis. It aligns with the lowest vibrational frequencies. While conversely the crown chakra at the top of the head is the highest vibration, aligning with the frequency of purple.

This is why the frequency vibration of particularly coloured crystals play an impacting role on the energetic balancing of certain areas of your body: root/sacral in the pelvis, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and finally consciousness / spiritual connectedness. Typically, the colour of the stone corresponds directly to the colour of the chakra frequency it resonates with (only with the exception of rose quartz which is a pink crystal, yet corresponds to the green heart chakra).

Because it would be meaningless to discuss the vibrational frequencies of crystals without aligning them to the chakra system of the human body, here's a quick crash course in the basics: Ancient Indian medicine taught that there are seven basic energetic centers in the body (the word chakra literally translates to 'spinning wheel' (of energy)) - and chakras were connected to different organs, organ systems, and functions of the mind, body, and spirit. The lowest chakra, the root, has the lowest vibrational frequency and mirrors basic elements of human existence and survival: safety (and shadows of fear, jealousy, guilt, shame, blame).

Moving up through the chakra system, as frequencies increase so do the depths of emotion and human experience - moving from fundamental impulses for pleasure and sexuality up to more complex, deeper, higher frequency experiences of joy, love, compassion, and purpose. Ancient medicine explained that these spinning energetic wheels would become blocked or imbalanced as a result of external influences / experiences in our lives and blockages / imbalance would show up as physical symptoms of dis-ease or illness, emotional disruption or volatility, and mental ailments.

Crystals were (are!) an easy, non-invasive way to stabilize destabilized energetic centers; to rebalance misalignment and move the chakras back into their optimal frequencies of vibration.

Red / Root Chakra: groundedness, physical survival and safety.

Orange / Sacral Chakra: creative life force energy, sexuality.

Yellow / Solar Plexus Chakra: personal power and internal wisdom and confidence.

Green / Heart Chakra – love and compassion for yourself and others.

Blue / Throat Chakra – speaking your truth with clarity, love, and kindness.

Indigo / Third Eye Chakra: connection to intuition and the seeing of information beyond the material world. Awareness and wisdom of consciousness begins here.

Opening your Third Eye allows to see beyond what you're looking at and undersatnd with ease.

Purple / Crown Chakra – connection to consciousness, Source, Purpose, all that is.

Alignment with your Highest Self. How to use crystals to support stability and well-being in day-to-day life?

1. Wear them (externally as with jewelry or internally as with yoni eggs)

2. Place them around your home

3. Meditate with them 4. Charge water with them (for drinking, cooking, bathing)

Why we use crystals to support stability and well-being in Yoni Reclamation Therapy (YRT) and/or Womb and Fertility Massage?

This work is not a session, it's a ritual.

The experience of YRT is a holistic, sensual immersion into total full-bodied safety - this means no cortisol, no adrenaline, no tension, no grief. All the biomarkers of previous trauma being released from your tissues which potentially give rise to perception of anxiety, fear, or grief during the massage are transfigured through grounding and multisensory input from an environment of unconditional love and positive regard. It's a live-time transformation of lived past experiences into simply observable events no longer rooted in the cyclic stress responses of unprocessed trauma. Crystals are used throughout our healing ritual for the very purposes outline above: grounding, stabilizing, and power. Whether we're working to clear dark, triggered energy of latent trauma with large pieces of black tourmaline or an obsidian yoni wand, or we're awakening psychic gifts with citrine on your chest or an amethyst yoni egg inside of you while you sleep - we're activating the power of ancient tools to offer non-invasive support without side effects or consequences.

And for what it's worth, does it even matter if it's placebo effect that's causing the beneficial outcome?? I mean, even if the stone's internal vibration didn't actually exist and played absolutely no positive role on the frequency of your body - I guess by the same token you could say that a diamond wedding ring is just a proxy for monogamy as well, right?

Everything is energy. Albert Einstein once said, "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It cannot be any other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics."

Can you do Womb/Fertility Massage or Yoni Reclamation Therapy without using crystals?

- of course it's possible.... but why would you want to? If there's no harmful side effects and they're a non-invasive supporting aid? Typically someone closed off to crystals likely won't be open to the frequency of YRT practitioners either. And that's okay.

Can crystals really heal you?

Well.... the definition of healing is "to become sound or healthy again." - meaning the ailments you complained of cease to exist. It seems to me the question becomes, "Do you believe that crystals can heal you?" - I mean - there's no harm in believing that they do, right? It goes back to that old saying about falling in love... "But what if it doesn't work out? Oh... but what if it does....?"

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