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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

“You need to write about this stuff. People need to know! Nobody else will talk about it!”

In the moments when I begin to wonder whether I’m wasting my breath writing as much as I do – sharing openly about my journey and my unabashed truths online - when I debate whether I’m coming across as self-righteous or somehow above my previous-self – then I get feedback like this... I realize that I literally couldn’t stop writing if I tried.

“These days it feels like I'm really just online to document proof of transformations I don't think I'd be able to map otherwise if I tried.”

Why Do I Share?

Sometimes some of us need to go through things out loud so that those doing it in private know that they should keep going.

It’s weird to talk about a lot of this stuff openly… sometimes really weird… but if nobody did it then how would anyone learn? It's cool - I'll take this one for the team, guys.


I promise you that it only takes ten seconds of courage... literally only ten seconds of life-shattering, soul-splintering courage ... one single left vs. right decision, one click on "Send" or "Post" or "Like" - and everything can change.

Just. Like. That.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Decide what it is you want

  2. Search within yourself to identify the fears + core beliefs holding you back

  3. Bravely share those fears with someone else

  4. Be open-minded and willing to hear their feedback

  5. Celebrate that you've just changed your life by being brave.

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