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High Priestess.

She puts self-cultivation at the top of her priority list. Every day she immerses herself in a spiritually-soaked bath of all that which suits her temperament: love and light, shadows and hellfire, entangled exclusively in the mystical and magic that those around her refuse to believe exist. She is a medicine woman, an initiator of Shakti (her divine energy force, power), fully understands and integrates with the cyclical powers of the earth, the Sun and Moon. She sows, subtly and with tranquility, seeds of the illuminated being - that is, she wishes for her knowledge and healing to permeate all those with whom she meets.

Through her dedicated practice to overcoming the suffering imposed upon her by ego and toxic masculine, she is a guide, an educator, a counselor, a healer, an agent of individual and group transformations.

She leads ceremonies, she blesses, she guides the Spirit. She's called a shaman, a sorcereress, a witch, a fortune teller, an oracle. She has befriended the wild beasts inside of her, mastered her heart, her mind, her spirit all within the sacred honouring of Mother Earth. Her own demons are the army fighting alongside of her.

Her darkness is full of light and she alchemizes the darkness of others into light as well.

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