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Lilith :: an 8-week Yoni Reclamation path

Updated: May 23

You asked, Goddess. You asked for an online offering - because travel to Mexico is impossible for you at the moment. You asked for a more affordable offering than 1:1 intensive healing. You asked for your pain and sexual shadows to be seen, heard, witnessed and loved. You asked to transform -

and this is my answer. This is the group immersion I was afraid to create - because witnessing radical transformations in my 1:1 space was 'safe' for me - known and secure. But to call in a group of awakening women - rage'y and ready to set their pain ablaze and reclaim their most embodied truth? That required me to step into space-holding, Level Expert.

Our 1st (sold-out) Lilith course said it all: THIS PATHWAY WORKS ❤️‍🔥

This is me, Goddess, in my naked truth - with a program woven together with love and soul, yet fueled by rawness and rage - the shame I've carried my whole life. I understand, firsthand, the building blocks of living a life of grief knowing your body isn't yours. And you, My Love, you deserve to be free.

We all do. I see you, Sister. And I welcome you upon this journey together.

If you're ready, Goddess, so am I. This journey I've carved out for us is designed to support the descent of the woman who is ready to express herself more authentically without caring what others think of her, who is ready to connect with and express her sexuality without apology. This path, my Love, is for the woman ready to speak confidently and state claim to all her wants, desires, and needs - so radically aligned with her inner truth that expressing sensuality, erotic essence, and connection with yoni and womb space is as openly expressed and natural to her as manicures and mascara have been to the rest of the world. This online immersion is a safe space, a retreat for women seeking to deepen their intuition and body wisdom, to live free of shame, social conditioning and the limiting beliefs instilled upon us our whole life. This is for the woman ready to dance in healthy union with her inner masculine, to awaken her creative energy, and stand empowered - with bulletproof boundaries. 

Are you ready to open? 

Are you ready to descend?

Are you ready to align with your darkest feminine?

How can I use archetypes to increase my consciousness, enhance my evolution and achieve deeper happiness and fulfillment?

Discussions around archetypes reach back to the earliest documented philosophers, where some of the world's most notorious critical thinkers, including Plato, concluded that we live simultaneously in two worlds: the physical world and an imaginary, non-physical world of "forms" that exists inside our mind. The conceptualization of "forms" or archetypes (a term made popular by one of the most notable fathers of Shadow Therapy, Carl Jung) - was understood as a way to create order and understanding in an otherwise psychic and social world of disorderly chaos. Archetypes are a way for our minds to categorize new people, places, and things based on previous ideals or blueprints connected by similar traits.

Why did ancient healing techniques rely so heavily on the power of working with archetypes? Well, many modern psychotherapy tools are actually rooted in these old ways of wisdom as well. Working with archetypes is so closely linked to our internal neural wiring that the very nature of our understanding of the world (even the fact that our constellations are named and carry vivid stories about themselves) that a powerful neural hijacking can occur when we take the power of archetypes into our own hands. Archetypes were the building blocks of lessons on "how to live" from ancient religions, myths, legends and fairy tales. Archetypes weave into our dreams, fantasies and day-to-day behaviours.

Every "character" in our life, as well as in the collective/global level, is an archetype.

They are all the characters in all the stories we consume: books, movies, gossip about others. We classify people into archetypes as a mental shortcut to make sense of the world. 💭

Archetypes are ubiquitous in art, media, advertising and pop culture. To ignore these structures is to blind ourselves to a deep wealth of knowledge and understanding of how to use the archetypal blueprints to guide our own life path. Understanding archetypes influences our relationships and interactions with others, as well as with ourselves - making them inextricably linked to working with the "dark self" and healing our deepest traumas and wounds. Think of a "Princess" - what comes to mind? Now thing of a "Villain" - has the vision changed? How about a "Prostitute"? or a "Vampire"

When you see these "labels", you may make preconceived judgments about people and how you can expect each of these "characters" to play different roles in your life. Do you now understand why healing cannot occur without working with the archetype? Archetypes are the secret forces behind all human behaviour, and because they reside in the unconscious - in our shadows - the part of our mind that we are not aware of - they influence us without our knowledge.

Archetypes are inherited dispositions that cause us to respond in typical ways to basic human problems, internal or external.

They constantly influence everything you do, think and feel. And they affect everyone around you in a similar way. 👥

When you can observe the archetype working within you, you can differentiate yourself from it - and that's where the healing happens. When you can separate yourself from the archetype, it is less likely to influence your behaviour in maladpative ways. 🙅‍♀️ Conversely, aligning yourself with the power of an archetypal figure gives you the essence, energy, inspiration of a role model you may be lacking in your day-to-day world. Steadfast inspiration and guidance is what each of us craves to achieve wild success - a close connection to someone we admire who already has.

Once upon a time, darkness wasn't 'bad'...

In ancient cultures, life was based on duality: life and death, sun and moon, day and night, masculine and feminine, order and chaos, light and dark. Dualism wasn't judged as 'good' or 'bad', wanted or unwanted - all was just a simple state of being. Everything just co-existed.

There were men and there were women. ‍♂️ ‍♀️

Adults and children. 🧑👶

Summer and winter. ☀️❄️

Darkness and light. ⚫️⚪️ In ancient cultures, darkness was never considered bad - it just was.

People and animals learned to navigate in the dark without suffering or bedgrudging the process. They recognized that darkness simply required different tools and sharply honed skills compared to the light. It involved different risks, it brought about different rewards. There were animals that moved in the dark with ease. There were people whose strength came from the darkness of looking inward. Astrology, astronomy, and understanding the night sky as a compass of the natural rhythms and directions of life on earth were a cornerstone of our lives and deeply rooted connection with nature. The darkness wasn't scary. It was powerful, mystical and mysterious (hidden, unseen - quote literally translated as 'occult'). ✨

We used to not be afraid of what we didn't know/see - we treated it as an invitation to improve our tools and explore deeper.

Early mythology -the first documented versions of ancient oral traditions, captured the essence of our polytheistic ancestors' traditions of navigating the natural and human worlds. These early myths different from 'modern' lore in that they told stories of gods and goddesses, of human representations of natural elements, and alive-and-real world events. Archetypes were human forces, skills, and beings embodied in characters whose stories could be easily passed down by elders and used to inspire younger generations learning to journey through life, love, and the world. 🌎 Even the planet itself was Mother Earth - Pachamama. Father Sun warmed her, Inti Taita.

To teach new generations the inner workings of life, light and darkness had to exist in the stories. Life and death. Growth and decay. Just like the cyclical nature of the seasons and the moon. These were never concepts of 'bad vs. good', they just 'were'.

Until about 2,000 years ago. The birth of the Catholic Church is treated by Catholics as the birth of the world, yet this is historically and evolutionarily incorrect. We existed before, and we were not the barbarians, animalistic, simple cavemen they tried to convince us we were.

Our pre-patriarchal societies were full of passion, creativity, empathy and healing. Pagan cultures were replete with wisdom, celebrating male and female deities, planning life around festivals, food, wine, sex and pleasure. Women were respected, celebrated, and honored as life-givers. Women fought alongside men and often played powerful roles in transforming their bone-deep female intuition into real-world action plans for movement and defense of groups. Women were not afraid of the night or the dark - instead they looked for lanterns and guard dogs - tools to navigate in the dark rather than succumbing to fear. We were once so very powerful. In theory, the most powerful - because we brought life into the world - a portal no man could become.

Women today are awakening to the profound truth that traditional concepts of femininity no longer satisfy their deepest primal desires in life, love, motherhood and sex. We are beginning to feel a deep aching in our bones, that what society has come to expect of us - the nurturing, submissive and gentle maternal archetype - and before that the virginal and pure, innocent bride - before that still the sheepish and timid little girl - these expectations are limited and entirely one-dimensional; stripping us of our wildness, silencing our urges and shaming our desires. Women are awakening and aching to return to an unapologetic way of being. 🐺 We can't deny it no matter how hard we try - the full moon, the howling wolves, and the freedom to stand naked in the wind courses through our veins - and until we answer that call, we will never feel whole.

And so we began to roar with rage and demand different ways to express their deepest, most authentic selves. This is where the power of the dark feminine takes center stage. 🌑

For two thousand years, women have been conditioned to adhere to stereotypes that dictate how to act, think, and feel - all in exchange to be deemed "worthy", "acceptable", to be "loved". We were taught to be nurturing, polite, soft and sweet - tirelessly putting the needs of others far before ourselves. To be 'socially acceptable' we were told we must be chaste and pure, asexual before marriage and enraptured in our male partner. These characteristics made us 'valuable', and 'desirable' - and we quickly became a commodity. This patriarchal approach to commoditizing the feminine stopped us abruptly from any further exploring of our personalities, our passion, capabilities, cravings.

Archetypes are a way for our mind to give meaning and order to chaos. These are psychological patterns, rules of conduct that help us categorize and organize the world around us. 💭 We all seek a sense of guidance in life. We are here to survive and succeed in a game we have never played before. Of course, it makes sense that we look for trainers and guides on this journey! 🤲 This is where the goddess archetype becomes so essential to women's transformation:

Goddesses are our guides.

In human history (2,000+ years ago, namely before Christianity and patriarchal rule), we were polytheistic (meaning, 'multiple gods' - specifically we worshipped gods and Goddesses), and the move by Christianity to monotheism (one god, a male) plays a huge role in understanding women's suffering today.

We suffer because our natural existence has become denied to us.

When cultures were polytheistic, gods and goddesses were equally worshiped to a higher degree because of her ability to birth life). Women played an active role in government, war, community building, and survival. Women's bodies were respected, and fertility and sexuality were celebrated. Women were not an accessory to their warrior male counterparts - they were key figures in the lessons of life, love, and survival taught through oral storytelling, ceremonies, and ritual traditions. Women's bodies cycled with the moon and during their menses women would gather in Red Tents and learn about womanhood, arts, and life in circle, in community, around a fire. This is locked away so deep in our DNA - it's why so many of us crave to return to this place now, at a time when we've been so deeply removed from our Nature!

Early Greek and Roman mythology captured the final chapters of the stories of ancient empires, including the Egyptian, Hindu, African, and Mayan - and this mythology is where the Goddess has been immortalized.

Pre-Christian tribal pagan societies taught women how to be women. There was no shame associated with a woman's body, sexuality, pleasure, chaos or power. The Goddess Archetypes we work with today are unique, personified expressions of feminine energy.

Goddesses were the original guides. They reflected duality and nature - darkness and light, peace and chaos, youth and old age, birth and death. There were goddesses who embodied darkness, winter, decay, and also goddesses who embodied spring, sunlight, and new life.

The different Goddesses symbolized the three different stages of a woman's life: the Virgin, the Mother and the Crone. These female life stages were symbolized by the waxing crescent, full and waning gibbous moon. The connection of female energy with the cycles of life of the moon and earth, nature, was inextricable (even visible in a woman's healthy menstrual cycle - bleeding in the new moon, ovulation in the full moon).

To reclaim your femininity is to step into your innate Goddess nature, to identify with the qualities of strong female role models that we lack in our everyday lives. To remember your Goddess nature is to return to your inner, sacred Self, to your unapologetic, wild nature.

Goddess, are you ready to return? 🐺🔥🌒🌕🌘

The secreted, silenced, shamed topic of sexuality is something we can no longer afford to ignore, suppress or downplay.

If women are waking up to reclaim their lives, reclaim their power, reclaim their bodies - then we also need to openly, without apology, reclaim our SE(X)UALITY 💥

Once upon a time, before patriarchy, monotheism, the Catholic Church and monogamy, women owned their bodies. Yoni was considered a sacred place and fertility was revered, nurtured and celebrated. Tribes raised children in community, regardless of who the father was. Groups raised children together, cared for the elderly, and celebrated pleasure alongside survival in difficult, dangerous conditions. Life was a joy, and experiencing pleasure in this life was a gift.

This began to change rapidly when rulers and governments became exclusively men and the Church stigmatized sex and women's bodies to give men more power. Sins had to be "paid for" to receive amnesty from the church. Sexuality became sinful because it was so inherently natural to humanity that to 'tax it' became the most powerful business model on the globe.

Sexuality became impure, reserved only for married couples. Like land, women became the property of men. We were even persuaded to change our surname - from our father's to our husband's. Male-dominated governments suddenly wanted to know who owned what, who belonged to whom, and whose children were guaranteed to be biological (the era of monogamy had arrived).

Earlier, Pagan cultures were polyamorous - open. It didn't matter who the child's father was because everyone was the parent of all children. Community. But when monogamy took hold, a woman's body and sexuality became her husband's property - a business transaction from father to husband on wedding day. Why is it so important that we know this part of the past? Because we cannot begin to untangle why we suffer so deeply today - why we are so disconnected from our bodies, from our pleasure, from sensuality, from inner freedom - without understanding what has been taken from us.

Women today suffer because no one taught us that our body is our own sacred temple. Our pleasure is our prayer to ourselves. Our orgasm is the moment when the cosmos intertwines our cells and unites us with creation.

Of course, patriarchal and Catholic governments wanted to disconnect women from their bodies - a wild, liberated, shame-free woman is the most dangerous creature on earth!

This is also why middle-aged women are systematically excluded from capitalist agendas. Have you noticed that being a mother is often portrayed in a bad light? (she's always tired, she's stopped taking care of herself, she drinks wine and watches TV all day). - and dating as a single mother can seem almost impossible. (Newsflash: single mothers did not all come from a one-night-stand!) Subtle messages that a woman's sexual value declines with age are common in our modern world.

But it is the liberated woman, the one who has lived through the years and endured her suffering, who is ready to truly connect with her inner WILDNESS! 🐺

She is ready to distance herself from the stigmatization of her body and reclaim her pleasure. She is ready to free herself from the shackles of shame and free herself from the prison of sexual shadows: guilt, fear, blame and disgust. The Wild, Reclaimed Woman is ready to connect with her animal side - the one that is instinctive, intuitive, powerful. The one that cannot be told what she can or can't do.

She is ready to return to the inner territory of her primal drives that flow through her veins so that she can connect with her body, feel pleasure, speak from her heart, be guided by her womb and respond to the deepest calls of her soul.

Goddess, if you are ready to reclaim your life, your love, your finances, your partnerships - you must begin to reclaim your sexuality: your body, your temple, your uncompromising pleasure, your divine qualities, your magic.

Goddess, you deserve.

You deserve pleasure.

You deserve sensuality.

You deserve sexuality.

You deserve to reconnect with your body.

You deserve to reclaim your power!

Lilith, the Goddess of the Reclaimed Feminine Wild.

To begin to understand the power of Lilith, we must remember that life and truth existed before humans, monotheism, and the Church began writing the "history" we were all taught.

We must begin to unravel our conception of human history and discover the dark truth that these monotheistic, patriarchal, Church-led governments arose in response to pagan traditions in which most cultures were matriarchal, led by women, celebrating both male and female deities, and full of reverence for Mother Nature and personal divinity.

Wildness was a way of life, it celebrated sexuality, collective tribal life, non-monogamy and the celebration of pleasure at the heart of what it means to be alive. The pursuit in life was about survival, pleasure and creation - not the modern matrix of male-dominated capitalism, debt and corporate ladder climbing.

What you learn about the Dark Goddess Lilith depends on the source, country and even language you are looking for. Search results in the Western world usually point to a powerful dark goddess who refused to submit to the rules of patriarchy. Dark and enhanced sexuality, sensuality as the source of its strength and wildness. 🔥 Unbroken and unyielding to man, Lilith was portrayed as a demon by the patriarchy and the Church because of her mythological rebellion - in a mythology that is over 2000 years old, Lilith was Adam's first wife - the one that the Church tried to suppress as their story portrays Eve as the first woman in the world.

Are you beginning to draw the dots, yet? A sexually empowered woman with a crescent moon behind her head is eerily representative of devil horns. The snake was one of the first symbols ever depicted by ancient humanity (though symbols of the yoni came first) - and in the Church's presentation, Eve was "born of Adam" (curious, as no man has ever birthed a woman before) - then she was tempted by the snake in the garden of Eden (a mythical paradise believed in shamanic history to simply be the state of an enlightened mind) - to consume fruit from the Tree of Knowledge - for which they were banished and subjected to a life of suffering. Are you beginning to see the powerful undertones of a woman's sin, shame, and suffering linked to her "quest for knowledge" ?

Lilith was a mythical representation of the pagan/savage/liberated women sensing the dangers of impending patriarchal rule. She was a female figure who refused to submit to Adam and escaped from the Garden of Eden before Eve was "created". (if you dig hard enough, you will find a single reference or two to her biblical text)

Lilith reminds us that when we break free of the shackles of subordination, we will be demonized. But it's worth paying the price for freedom. Lilith reminds us that we can survive anything, that we can create anything, and that we can step into our sacred feminine at any time.

Be careful what you read of the mighty Lilith - countless patriarchal structures are so threatened by her very existence - and women's knowledge of her - that she is portrayed as a night-crawling, child-snatching demon - when to her true archetype this couldn't be further from the truth.

Are you ready to walk the Lilith Path to Yoni Reclamation?

Goddess, it's time to return to your Desire.

It's time to return to Pleasure.

It's time, Goddess, to return to your depths and to the space in which you love yourself again. ❤️‍🔥 And when you arrive there, My Love, that's when the magic starts to happen! That's when you begin to effortlessly call in the life, love, and passion you crave.

LILITH is an intimate 8-week intensive virtual path we'll walk together. It's transformation and therapy, shadow work and a pleasure program for reconnecting with your femininity, sexuality and liberation.

You deserve, Goddess, to want more... to rekindle your sexuality and at the same time the abundance in life.

From asleep to awakening, from frozen state to arousal, from stuck to flowing, from hurting to liberated. 💥

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