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Notes of love from around the globe:

Pink Creative Modern What They Say Client Testimonials Instagram Post (1).png
Pink Creative Modern What They Say Client Testimonials Instagram Post.png
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Aia June – an incredible Goddess who holds an effervescent presence; enveloping you in a blend of her warmth, wisdom and vibrancy.


Aia has a wealth of scientific wisdom and understanding of how the mind and psyche works, which combined with her ability to connect to people and help them to explore their own shadows and deeper inner knowing’s, creates a powerful outcome of healing and acceptance.


Witnessing the beautiful bodywork treatments that Aia is able to offer; her energy and vibration often awakens an unravelling of physical and emotional healing that is held safely by her.


I named Aia, a Badass High Priestess – for me, she holds all that a High Priestess embodies, with a unique twist to create an authentic sass and edge. Not too woo - not too scientific; a beautiful blend that you’ll want to be around, in whatever form that takes place.

- Clare S., England

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- Beth B., Canada



It's something that we need every second of our lives. So why is it so hard to take it in?


My chest was heavy and full of dread. I would try to take air into my body, but there was no space for it to go. I would choke - unable to fill my body with the life-giving force it needed.


I have lived years of trauma, and yes I am a survivor.


Aia came to me at a moment that I needed, a time that I desired to make change. I am 60. I am a long-time believer in the health benefits of massage. What changed for me with Aia was I have never had a healer who fused child/woman/mother into a focused healing practice. She was able to find the areas of trauma in my body, massage them focusing on a woman’s body, teach me to visualize them, and accept them as a part of me that I don’t have to keep - I can let them go.


After three sessions together, every day I can feel and see my chest rise and fall. I don’t feel the persistent dread anymore.


I can take air in and feel the joy in my life. Thank you, Aia June.

"You allowed me to see myself through your lens and it literally blew my mind.

And changed my life.

And you keep showing me."


"This woman is power. She changed my life on a cellular level. She helped to work through my body's most hidden traumas and unexplained blockages. Her intuitive power permeated every cell. She has a gift of healing. Aia creates a space where there is room for your whole truth, without obscuring what is uncomfortable. With her openness and courage, she sets an example of how to move in your own direction, starting right from basic rigid schemas of life that have been programmed in us. Her high vibration can light up places in you where there has been no light for a long time. She believes in goodness and honesty, does not classify people superficially, but through deep conversation. She gave me hope and a sense of possibility. Thanks to her positive attitude to the world, she creates a positive aura around herself. When I went to her for a massage, with her tender, intuitive, courageous touch, she found what for years had not allowed me to relax my abdominal cavity and my pelvis. With her intelligence she directed my emotions so that there was a release. Her education and psychological knowledge are a great asset to bring deep emotional relief. She can contribute to your own rebirth through touch and the creation of a full space to hold the release of every emotion. I highly recommend this soul and her intuitive hands and heart for deep inner transformation."

Anna D., Poland

"I'd had a really traumatic birth, a bad 2nd pregnancy, and I'm still holding on to stuff I thought I'd dealt with but hadn't (including a toxic relationship). It was all showing up as anxiety and I didn't know what route to go down. This intuitive womb massage, sacred energy work, was amazing. I had a massive release. I cried. Afterwards, I felt amazing. Since the massage, I feel lighter and more energized."

Zoey T., England

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