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Sacred Healing: Playa Del Carmen

My Love.... deep down, you are a healthy, vibrant, confident, happy being - but you are held down by stories and events you've held onto your whole life. As a womxn, you hold your trauma in your womb and abdomen - the parts of your body very few therapists even touch. Trauma-release and womb massage brings us into your shadows - because THAT'S where the biggest transformation happens. We go into the layers you've silenced through intetional touch and talk therapy. We unravel entangled experience trauma, inherited trauma, family constellation and attachment breaks both in your mind and somatic memory trapped in your body.

In our 3-hour session, half of that is spent in a goddess-like, transcendant, surrendered, hypnotic state - total relaxation set to powerful music - a sensual (not sexual) therapy rooted in traditional Chinese medicine points and nurturing inner child touch. 

Please note, connection between practitioner and Goddess is so important. First, you must feel completely comfortable enough in my presence to let go, to surrender to nurturing and reverence, divine feminine worhsip - the touch you crave and the love you need. You must be willing to be held, honoured, heard, seen - without the shame, fear, and guilt you've carried your whole life.

It's time to give yourself permission to set yourself free. Are you ready?

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Touch + talk therapy, energy exchange offer (3x 3-hour sessions)

$500 USD

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