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"With nearly a decade of practical experience in ethical non-monogamy, my life partner and I have built, explored, learned with and uncoupled from a myriad of beautiful conscious connections. Unapologetic about our individual needs, and unabashed in our communication and unconditional positive regard for one another, we've unlocked Relationship Level: Expert in an atypically powerful, transformative, and deeply nurturing lifestyle."


Intro to Open

Open relationships aren't for everyone. If you're curious about whether it might be for you, let's hop on a call and chat about it! Whether you're single and opening yourself up to open or you're in a monogamous relationship and are feeling pulled to the path of more-than-one, our exploratory call will get you thinking about the big questions, the hidden facets, and all the insider know-how of getting started outside the lines of conventional love.


Alternative Relationship Coaching

Whether you've been swinging for years and want to move into polyamory waters, or you've been loyal all your life and your sights are set on your first threesome, the variations of alternative relationships available to modern couples (and singles!) are endless. Whether you're a seasoned pro or it's just a hesitant thought, transitioning into a new chapter of relationship comes with risks, challenges, and plenty of questions. Arm yourself with information, shroud yourself in a sense of safety, and I'm confident this next chapter will be your most beautiful yet. 


Overcoming Jealousy

This is the course we wish we'd had. We've taken nearly one decade of experience in nonmonogamy and wrapped it up into an insightful, reflective, and communiation-saturated experience for singles, couples, or polycules. This 8-week co-created curriculum addresses the masculine, feminine, and gender-fluid roles of partners committed to making love custom-designed and one-of-a-kind. Together, we're harnessing the power of some of the most crippling human emotions in relationships: fear of rejection, explosive anger, chronic sadness, and jealousy. It's time to live the life you (and your beloveds) deserve.


Ethically Sourced Unicorns

Fantasizing about adventures in three? More and more monogamous couples are spicing up their connection with a new face in the bedroom. But there's a laundry list of Do's and Don'ts when you're on the hunt for a third. This virtual-learning course is designed by two longtime unicorns and teaches you their secrets to success in threesomes, moresomes, and beyond.

Let's Work Together

Custom-designed love isn't just for the characters of late-night HBO series anymore. We're living proof that you can have sultry adventures, a beautiful family, and radically open communication as part of your own Happily Ever After.

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