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In this space we allow your darkness to heal and reveal.

The Shadows

Shadow work is the term we use for work we do in the spaces of your Self you've hidden away. This is where we breathe light and life into your innermost corners of guilt, fear, and shame - to take back the control they've held and reclaim the power you've earned.

Limiting Beliefs

(mis)Alignment in our lives, a sense that we're not living our true purpose, a lack of effervescent happiness, feeling unfulfilled or the constant state of pursuit is often associated to limiting beliefs. This is deep inner messaging around our self worth, abilities, and agency in the world. These messages were given to you, to us, a long time ago - and it's time now to set them free.

Self Doubt

The biggest battle you'll ever wage is the one you fight inside your mind. The fear you face kills more dreams than failure ever will, and it's time to look deep into the things you tell yourself that hold you back from becoming the badass you know you can be! 

Rejection Sensitivity

Aversion to criticism or rejection is a common and universal human experience, but when it becomes a crippling fear that dictates how we act or paralyzes us in life it demands deeper reflection. Rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD) is defined as "extreme emotional sensitivity and pain triggered by the perception that a person has been rejected or criticized by important people in their life. It may also be triggered by a sense of falling short—failing to meet their own high standards or others' expectations." 

If this sounds familiar to your current state, let's step into this space together.

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