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You are a WARRIOR.

And you are not alone.

Every next level of your life welcomes a different you, and it's my deepest honour you're considering that we meet that new you together.

What I'd like to offer:

A free alignment + fulfillment-focused coaching session (1.5 hours)

If you've been displaced from work you've loved, it can feel overwhelming, frightening, and entirely misaligned to have to create a new normal. I look forward to tapping into who you are, what you love, and what sets your soul on fire in figuring out your next steps, together.


A goal-oriented action plan you can move forward with

Depending on the coaching approach that most closely aligns with who you are, we'll use our time together to come up with your next steps toward the evolution you're about to make.

Turning A New Leaf?
Book Your Free Session

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"My session with Aia was incredible. We did some exercises to understand where and why I am holding back and playing small and we went directly to the source of the issue. She helped me understand its origins and most importantly that it is not mine. Then we went further to see how I can expand and grow. I feel inspired to take action and shine my light. She appeared exactly when I needed her the most to bring clarity to what I need to do next. Thank you, Aia."

DRAGOS F., Poland 

"My discovery call with Aia was liberating. The weight of insecurity, self doubt and societal limitations was lifted, allowing me to feel the potential of my being. I have more options than I realized and I couldn't be less stuck. she highlights opportunity where I never even considered there could be.

Now, it's just a matter of deciding which path WILL I choose next?!"

CRYSTAL F., Canada 

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