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"Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last... and it always tells the truth."

- Margaret Atwood

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Trauma Release Massage

Breakthroughts in epigenetics and neuroscience confirm that traumatic, challenging, and difficult life events drastically alter the chemistry of our body. Both acute, short-lived trauma as well as ongoing and chronic exposure to stress and disease leave an imprint on our physical selves at a deep, molecular level - biomarkers that impact not just ourselves but play out across generations.


Through physical manipulation and massage, integrating work with emotion points rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy centers, and stress stored in deep tissue, Trauma Release Massage (TRM) is a powerfully transformative  therapeutic experience unlike any traditional Swedish or sports massage treatment. 


Pain and fear keep our minds and bodies in a perpetual state of stress: when we're in fight/flight mode, when we're triggered, our body doesn't digest, balance, or heal. All physiological processes slow to a minimum state of vitality - so when we're imbalanced, unhealthy, and diseased we are unable to lose weight, foster a healthy sex drive, enjoy spontaneous vitality or get pleasure or nourishment from our surroundings. The disease will only grow more disease.  


In the deeply relaxed state of trauma-release massage, to rhythmic sounds and reverent honouring of your Divine Feminine, we hold space for difficult life events, inner child wounds, and inherited traumas to surface and release from their stranglehold on your life and emotional state.

Transformative journeys in womb healing address complex trauma states including miscarriage, terminated pregnancies, abuse, and assault.

This body work is a deep-dive journey into yourself, leaving you feeling honoured, relaxed, and released from the hold your deepest self is keeping. It is also a powerful tool for physical ailments in reproductive health including cysts, fibroids, irregular cycles, painful periods, uncomfortable sex/orgasm and other uterine, cervical, or vulvar concerns.

{ Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours }

Yoni Reclamation Therapy™



- rooted in Hinduism, yoni is the Sanskrit word for "Abode", "Source", or "Womb".  More commonly known as the "vagina" or "vulva" in sterile, scientific terms, the yoni was revered as the divine representation of the Goddess, Shakti - and the source of all feminine generative power

The womb. The source. The "female organ of generation". 

Women who carry unhealed womb + yoni wounds find themselves feeling unsafe, insecure, misaligned, lacking pleasure or creative spark in their lives. Wounds usually have early life and ancestral trauma origins and both must be carefully examined in order to understand cyclical themes and break recurring life patterns as they play out in life, love, and manifestation.

Internal yoni massage is coupled with external womb massage to create a powerful, immersive, full-bodied healing experience. It is rooted in the physical release of stored trauma along the external yoni folds and internal vaginal walls. Therapeutic pressure on these "hot spots" often triggers stored memories and sensations that create mistrust, a lack of safety, and even physical discomfort. Through conscious, intentional, and consent-driven reprogramming of stored body memories, women experience a transformative neural and limbic reprogramming of past traumas, family wounds, and trapped pain / guilt / shame to experience more powerful connection to Self, pleasure, intimate relationships, and Life.

{ Duration: 6-8 hours }


Womb + Fertility Massage

If you are a womb owner, you know how many challenges having one can present: painful menstruation and ovulation, irregular cycles, health concerns, hormonal dysfunction, struggles with infertility. Our womb is the epicentre of our Feminine, our core self; the seat of our intuition, creativity, and generativity in this life. When our womb health is off-balance, the rest of our life is usually off-kilter as well. 

Feminine health massage (FHM), sometimes referred to as Womb + Fertility Massage, is a treatment performed as sacred ritual rather than clinical transaction. Through rhythmic, alternating-pressure, and holistic-based techniques, coupled with serene ambiance and soul-led intuitive connection, FHM increases circulation and promotes blood flow to the pelvic bowl, regulates menstrual cycles, encourages a displaced uterus to its optimal position, mobilizes stagnation and aids in detoxification of the body, encourages the clearing of scar tissue, and induces overall relaxation and homeostasis in the body. 

{ Duration: 1.5-2 hours }

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