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"If life responds to how we feel, than I choose to feel abundant, free, and at ease.

Money was never my goal;

I only ever wanted to be free."

It's Time For Change._edited.png

We all have a story, my Love. We all have pain, grief, trauma, fear.

But we also have hope.

I believe, my Love, that things can get better for you.

So. Much. Better. 

I believe in a better relationship for you with your body, your feelings, your lifestyle, and with those in this world you love most, even if they hurt you the most as well. 


My love.

You have not arrived here, in my tiny sliver of the digital universe, by accident. 

If you've consumed the words I've shared here and believe that I can play a role in your story then know that I am here, fully present, and ready to show up and nurture you the way you need to be held, heard, seen, and loved.

In exchange for virtual talk therapy and/or in-person touch/talk therapy, I am open to accepting the gifts you offer (or passing them on to someone else in need).

Do not, for a second, hesitate to connect with me. 

I look forward to making magic from the most beautiful versions of energy exchange. 



If you're here, visiting me with the intention of passing this information along to someone else - if you believe that working with me might be exactly what someone you love needs, please contact me on their behalf and together we will come up with a way to do something powerful together.


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