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Shadow Work
certification training

(for therapists)

What: Three full days (25 hours) days of theoretical and practical training in shadow therapy, drawing from seminal work of Jung, Freud, Tantric principles, and ancient medicine. This training is intended for educators, therapists, leaders, healthcare providers, consultants, and personal/professional coaches.

Where: Virtual/Online or in-person (Riviera Maya, MX)

When: availability TBD

Group Course: $1885 USD

Private, 1:1 Training: $2885 USD

3-Day Shadow Integration
Practitioner Training Diploma


Answer The Call...

My Love... it's time to heal your Shadow Self.

Do you crave to help people but don't feel you deserve to? Do you wish to feel good about who you are rather than how you look or what you've done? Do you crave a reason to live, not just an excuse to survive? Do you wish for connection, intimacy, health, pleasure, and levity? Do you desire creativity and self-expression? playfullness and lightness without feeling awkward or pathetic? Are you ready to invite in support rather than a feeling of starvation? Acting from energy of abundance rather than lack? Are you seeking the meaning of your life and your purpose for existence rather than just struggling to survive?

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