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"No High Priestess is born at her full potential.

First, she must learn from those who've gone before her."


I am stronger because women who went before me allowed me to stand on their shoulders.

These are my teachers. My guides. My trainers. Some of the biggest connections of my life.  The experts, visionaries, luminaries, and muses for the journey I've made, the shoulders upon which I have stood to see further than I ever could on my own.

May their power, potential, and expertise inspire and light your path

the way they did mine. 

Meet My Village...


Cat Skinner
The Sacred Pen

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Reflective Writing + Guided Journal Therapy


Clare Spink
Empowered Feminine

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Intuitive Womb + Fertility Massage

Embodied Rhythmic Massage


Anna Deja
Primal Vibe

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Somatic Fitness, Animal Flow

 Trauma-Informed Training


Daniel  G.
The Past Life Regressionist

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Past Life Regression

Quantum Healing Hypnosis • Coach

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Avalon Starlight
The Enchanted Fairy

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Rebel Parenting Coach

Chakra Mastery Academy


Holly Jefferd
Tiny Sleepers, Big Dreamers

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Paediatric Sleep Consultant
Children’s Behaviour Therapist


Fiona McCoss

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feminine & erotic embodiment

sexual & sensual awakening


Danielle Dulsky

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ғȏȗṅԀєя ȏғ @thehagschool


Kylie Madge

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Personal Success Coach

Spiritual Marketing 


Karena Osborne
The Witch's Inn

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Full-time Witch

Intuitive Reiki Master


Natasha Walter-Fisk
Let's Deal With It

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Online therapy to manage anxiety and recover from painful experiences and trauma


Wendy Murdoch
Herbal Apothecary

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Holistic Practitioner, Herbalist

Herbal Academy of New England

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