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Therapy vs. coaching - what's the difference?

Typically, therapy was believed to be reserved for crisis - but the fact is both past + present-oriented therapy can catalyze tremendous shifts in self-awareness, relationships, and releasing self-limiting and old patterns. Coaching is future-focused, a goal-oriented approach to future plans and visions for changing your life. 


As far as our work together? This is a space exclusively for the dreamers, the big thinkers, the ones who want to live and love outside the lines and conventional norms. I'm here for the ones who want to shed old patterns, traumas, and beliefs - the ones holding them back

from living the life they crave.


Our talks won't be about fitting in - I speak

exclusively to those who want to stand out.

I'm here for the rule-breakers, the plan-makers,

the healers of their trauma and the visionaries

who choose to take back their lives for the

exclusive purpose of making a difference

for others.


All of us wish to be well.

At the beginning of time, we had the stories of our ancestors as a guidemap to survival. Today, we have the stories and support of those just two steps ahead of us, the like-minded souls who've survived our current struggle and hold a well-intentioned desire to make a difference, to make an impact.

There are hundreds of thousands of options for "Talk Therapy" out there. This collaboration, this space, this trauma work and emotion-release approach is for those who feel a resonance with my own approach to life and love - my alternative lifestyle - the dreams I've accomplished and the path I'm currently walking. 

  • trauma release + re-alignment

  • advanced transformational shadow therapy for light workers

  • solopreneur, entrepreneur transition

  • digital nomad lifestyle, full-time travel

  • nonmonogamy + custom relationships

  • conscious, holistic preparation for birthing


Amidst my own story, I am honoured to hold space for yours.

Let's talk.

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