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it's nice to meet you- 

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Knowing me is like describing the smell of rain and runs a high

risk of developing larger-than-life belief in yourself, grace for

your struggles, and gratitude for your life. I am a healer, a

teacher, a storyteller and an alchemist. Together, we transform

darkness into light, pain into purpose, purpose into passion, and passion into larger-than-life success (or, what I prefer to call: freedom). 

Life is literally just a giant test of how effectively we navigate pain... and the better we navigate it, the happier we feel. The more we transmute it, the more light we create. The more pure our intentions the more magic we attract back to ourselves.. and that, My Love, is the biggest lesson I've learned to date - and the one I've committed my days to sharing with others. Love, service, and leadership are what will transform the world - one life and one connection at a time.











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My Story

In the thick of my own journey of resurrection, crippled by a recent birthing story that left me within inches of my life, a powerful healer said to me - "You are a healer."

But, I didn't want to be a healer.

I was a startup founder.

I was a CEO.

I was science-trained. Neuroscience.

I came from academe and I was a hunter in pursuit of my wildest dreams.

But I was also riddled with darkness, unhappiness, and a story of pain I couldn't shed. On the outside, my life looked like a fairytale. On the inside, I was nothing more than shattered fragments of a girl desperate to feel whole.

The truth is, I'd been a healer my whole life. I was a writer, a therapist,  an expert in my own pain and the pursuit of a myriad of ways to heal it. I traveled around the world looking for answers and shared my stories, lessons, and adventures along the way. I was working remotely, self-employed, my own boss, fully sovereign over the choices I made. But it wasn't always this way.

The ease and effervescence of life I'd created came in the wake of a decade of childhood sexual trauma, a vicious eating disorder, clinical depression, my adolescent years spent in and out of hospitals. I did recover in a powerful way - dove deep into academics in response to my pain: psychology, neuroscience, medicine, plans for child/adolescent psychiatry - all in an effort to understand myself more, and give back to others the way all those professionals had given themselves in support of me. 

As it would turn out, I'm particularly poor at being confined. The red tape of the medical world felt more like a muzzle than a framework. Since leaving the scientific world I have traveled to over 50 countries, built numerous businesses, and have successfully turned every passion I have into a paycheck. 

Along my adventure I met one life partner in particular who chose to come along with me for the ride. Together we've traveled the world, built homes, built businesses, built tech-startups, and made twins. We have the most beautifully, ethically non-monogamous love I've ever known and the safety of that meticulously-designed space gives me wings to live the most powerful, authentic life.  

My most recent and most deeply transformative experience came the day our twins were born. A fiercely mismanaged labour in a foreign country left us unsupported and alone, and left me for dead. In clawing my way back physically and emotionally from the most challenging and gruesome experience of my adult life, I fully stepped into the transformation I believe was always meant for me: returning to my most authentic self, at a molecular level - the self that loves, sees, supports, and inspires others to take charge of their lives and manifest their wildest desires. Looking back, I've been doing this my whole life. Back then, though, I thought it was just luck. "I'm lucky to get to travel. I'm lucky to have this beautiful open relationship. I'm lucky to be my own boss." - but, fortune favours the bold. 

Over the years I cracked the codes to starting businesses, travel hacking, thriving in a blisteringly open and loving relationship, the deeply-rooted secrets to conscious and ethical nonmonogamy - most recently overcoming crippling birth trauma - and transforming my decade of outside-the-lines living into a paint-by-numbers strategy to turn your wildest wishes into everyday life. When we conquer our shadow, befriend our darkness, and dare to dream - everything falls into place.

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Some Random Facts

My background is in

- psychology, neuroscience, behavioural research

My life first shifted when

- I studied at the feet of a Buddhist monk

The place that changed me:
The chapter that changed me:
I once

- trekked Everest on a 1st date with a guy I met online!

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Let's have a powerful conversation.

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