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If you're ready, truly ready, to walk this path - then I'm ready to witness you upon it.

One year from now you will become a fully-accredited Yoni Reclamation Therapy™ (with advanced pelvic release). This enrolment includes participation in:

🌸🏝️ Womb Massage Training Retreat | Tulum, September 2024*

▪️ Shadow Work - Level I (online, May 2024)
▪️ Shadow Work - Level II (online, July 2024)
▪️ Trauma Informed Care training (self-paced, online - available August, 2024)
▪️ Traumatology - comprehensive trauma training (self-paced, online - available November, 2024)
🔥🏝️ Yoni Reclamation Therapy Training +  Retreat | Tulum, February 2024*

*in-person group training retreats available for women only - male therapists will be trained 1:1 by Aia June in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


Yoni Reclamation Therapy - Complete Training Pathway

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