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It's time to give yourself permission.

Advanced Transformational Healing +
Integrated Effervescent Wellness

Immerse yourself in healing.

Trauma Release Massage

Feminine Re·Embodiment Massage™

Yoni Reclamation Therapy™
Advanced Pelvic Trauma Release

Aia June, creatrix of Yoni Reclamation Therapy™ with Feminine Re-Embodiment Massage™ ("Womb + Fertility Massage"), with Advanced Pelvic Trauma Release.  Founder of Innerflections- and the International Academy of Healing Arts (IAHA). Aia practices shadow and somatic therapy for women and men, specializing in advanced pelvic release for women suffering from wounds of early life and ancestral trauma.


She is an accredited practitioner instructor currently living in the Mayan Riviera and practicing as well as teaching worldwide.

One-on-one healing intensives, and practitioner training courses are available in Mexico and abroad. To bring Aia and her healing intensives (group or private) or therapist training to your country, please Get In Touch.

How would it feel if you gave yourself the same care to recharge as you give your phone each day? ​

How would it feel if you no longer felt imprisoned by your mind? 

How would it feel if you no longer felt imprisoned by guilt, shame, your body, or blame? 

My Love. How it would feel to wake up feeling aware, activated and alive.. every single day? 

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You've spent a lifetime listening to the noise of the world instead of the sound of your own voice - your own soul.


You deserve nurturing.

You deserve compassion.

You deserve healing.


It's time, my love, to give yourself permission to be free. ~

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My love. You have been lied to about the powerful ways in which your body can heal.

But first, we must quiet your mind. 

Healer. Trauma Therapist. Womb + Yoni Reclamation.

Alchemist. Shadow Work. Nurturing holder of space.

It matters not what you call me, my Love - but what happens when you allow me to hold space for your pain.

In calling upon alchemical modalities, from neuroscience to womb science, intuitive talk to holistic touch, in our connection, deep healing and release of trauma occurs. 

*In fact, I am so certain of our power together that if you do not feel lighter, expanded, or more aware following our work together, I will not accept payment for my work. 


I cannot tell you to expect miracles, my Love.... but don't be surprised when they happen. 

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Rooted In Healing

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  1. an act of waking from sleep.

  2. an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.


  1. coming into existence or awareness.

You've done everything as best you could,

everything they asked.

But you're suffering.

Nothing feels aligned.


My Love, it's time to heal.

It's time to return to natural, mystical, conscious,

forward-thinking and immersive wellness. 

It's time to release your pain and trauma not just from your mind but from deep within your body as well. 

You deserve to be

- thriving instead of just surviving. -


It's time to awaken to how things could be

for you, instead.

I did.


Your Shadows

In a world that prefers to blindly pursue the mystical fairyland of 'love+light', the truth is that  real healing begins in our darkest parts

Limiting Beliefs

Our earliest experiences gave rise to limiting beliefs in an effort to protect us from future pain. But they are self-fulfilling prophecies it's time to break.

Self Doubt

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will." Bold moves demand courage, courage comes from safety, sense of safety comes from within.

Rejection Sensitivity

Fear of judgement and critique kills more dreams than failure ever will. Working through sensitivity and pain of rejection is the first step to freedom.

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You developed certain maladapative patterns in your life due to beliefs pressed upon you in your past. Your shadows protected you from feeling unwanted anxiety and pain - but now they are causing you more harm than good. If you keep things as they are, you will continue to get what you've gotten until now. 

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